Anonymous asked:
where can i watch the beyond candid with giuliana rancic feat. kris jenner?!

Here: [x]

Anonymous asked:
i just love how different your edits are not the same all the time

I’m glad you like them ! 

eturuoc asked:
Can you please follow me! It will mean so much to me I think your blog is fab-u-lous it's crazy I'm obsessed <3

Thank you so much, so sweet of you, followed you ! Keep up with your blog! <3

Anonymous asked:
Whats the Name of Kylies tumblr -¿
Anonymous asked:
I'm so obsessed with your blog, it's AMAZING! I was wondering if you could post some not smiling, bitch, angry, mad faces of Kim Kardashian. I love it when she doesn't smile and I wanted to see and reblog some pictures. Thanks doll, love you! <3

Aw, thank you so much ! No problem, but I’m going to need some time to find the perfect photos. I’m getting on it. Love you too ! <3

kard4shians-and-jenn3rs asked:
Hi :) I just created my kardashian/jenner blog so can you help me by promoting me? Thank you so much (i really love your blog btw <3)

Hello, great blog ! xo

Go and check out this brand new Kardashian/Jenner blog kard4shians-and-jenn3rs for daily photos ! 

Happy Birthday Kimberly Kardashian West 

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